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I feel that people always seek happiness & I’v come to realize that happiness can be found in simplicity. What’s the idea?  – admire the basics, the little things & most of all enjoy time.

My name is Beatrice and I started this blog to chronicle things that interest me – which mainly involve design, food and people. I love the idea of discovery and understanding quality, which are all routed in my personal path of simplification and understanding the essentials.

This is all slightly vague but I wanted to share a little of my background.

I was born in Los Angeles, raised in Israel and grew up in a single family home. I grew up poor and got a good taste of struggle and what hardship actually meant. I’m only sharing this fact to inspires youngsters on that – it does get better. Growing up I never expected life to be any different, till I came across a creative path that simply opened my world and made me fall in love with life. In my early twenties, with nothing to loose and 3k saved I bought a one way ticket to New York and started rebranding for numerous lifestyle/fashion brands. And… like all overworked creatives – dedicating long hours, socially drinking and eating out too much, I knew a change was needed. I couldn’t mentally function and my health was shot. So after an amazing six years, I decided to move back toLos Angeles and work with an amazing team/ doctor whom transformed my view towards food and lifestyle and introduced me to functional medicine.

I’m fortunate to do what I love and just want to tell anyone who comes from a similar background such as mine – that life is life. Its a variable of highs and lows – so have goals, take little steps and most of all just enjoy the present. Dreams can come true as long as they are realistic and you pace yourself.

About my categories: 


All my hard work did pay off because in July 2013, I saved enough to buy a fixer upper condo and I wanted to share the transformation of the unit with you. The lifestyle tag will also focus on understanding what makes products special to me – which will hopefully be insightful to you.


In addition to my career as a creative, I am also  a caretake of a cancer patient whom I’m dedicating my current life to and has really brought out a love towards cooking. This person is my number one priority right now and if you see my recipes they are Clean, GMO Free, Organic, Gluten free and Dairy free.

But when I need a break from everyone  – Cafe’s are my number one destination to get unplugged even if I am plugged in. Strangely enough – coffee shop environments bring out my best work and I wanted to share some of my favorite spots with you.


My interest has always been in the essentials. The thing in your closet that you always wear, the secret your mother passed on to you. Your everyday staple pieces and those little daily habits  –  I find that much more inspirational then trends on how to purge out your closet or minimalistic fashion. Hopefully the people you’ll meet here will give you tips and inspire you in some capacity.

Love , Beatrice


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